Monday, June 16, 2008


It's hard to believe that tomorrow Miranda will be 17! We recently bought her a car, so now we never see her...ha ha... Some of her friends threw her a surprise b-day party last week. They actually kidnapped her by tying her up, covering her face with a pillow case and stuffing her in the trunk of their car! I got most of it on video. Some of the pics are of the party. The one of her and I was taken at a graduation. Next year my baby will be graduating, hard to believe.


Christopher is getting cuter by the day! He is learning so much. Now he will get his face wet at the pool and is dunking himself under water. He is talking so much now that he wants to call people on the phone.

Softball Team

Aya and Hailey are on the same team. Unfortunately they do not have a very good team...haven't won a game yet. However, the girls are doing a great job and improving every day. Hailey usually plays short stop or thrid base. Aya is learning how to do do catcher! She is tough and trying her best!

Swim team

Trevor, Sergey and Hailey are all on a swim team. They are doing great and improving each week!

June 16th

Hi Everyone!
Yes, I know it has taken awhole year for me to update! Sorry. It has been a crazy year to say the least. I just wanted to share some recent pics. Aya was baptizes last Sunday. Jon was able to baptize her. We are so proud of her decision to follow Christ!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

June 23rd

Here are a couple of pictures of kids at home with us. There are also one of when Jon picked the kids up fromthe orphanage. The kids are all doing well. It seems as if we have had Aya and Sergey forever. They fit in so perfect. Trevor and Sergey are together non-stop either playing outside or on the Playstation. Aya is very good at entertaining herself with all of the goodies we have around. At the moment she is singing on Hailey's karaoke machine! I don't think she is going to be the next American Idol ...LOL
We will try to update pictures regularly of stuff going on with the kids.

Friday, June 22, 2007

There Home...June 22nd

Hello Everyone!
Well Jon and the kids made it safely home last night. We had a busy night since Trevor had a baseball game. After picking up everyone from the airport we then all headed to the baseball field to watch Trevor's game. The night went incredibly smooth as the kids came home and looked around. Their eyes were big as saucers and they giggled as they went through the house. Trevor and Sergey have had a blast together. When I asked Trevor how he liked his new brother he smiled bigger than I have ever seen and said "Yes". They have become instant friends and it is truly very sweet. Aya has been fascinated with Barbies and American girl dolls and has been playing with them all nonstop. Today we started the kids on their English lessons. Sergey was more eager than Aya, however.
Overall, we are doing wonderfully and everyone is adjusting well. Keep us in your prayers as I am sure there is bound to be some bumps in the road. I can't find the cord to load the photos so I will have to add pics of them at home later.